31 August 2015

Casio EX ZR3500 Camera Launch

It was my pleasure to get invited by Casio to their new camera launch event. It was my first
time attending event in KL alone T.T I was frighten enough when I first arrive at the venue. Yet I then met some of my blogger fellow ~ what a big relieve ^^ Its so good to see all of them!

EX-ZR3500 is the latest addition to its EXILIM family of digital cameras. The new camera comes with Make-up Plus mode and a 1/1.7-inch sensor to enhance the quality of self-portraits. Let's start with the event day <3 

Just like what it says, we came to enjoy selfie with ZR3500 ^^v

To be honest, Casio ZR3500 is the second Casio camera I ever try. My first was Casio TR150. I never thought a selfie camera can be so professional yet the color of every piece is so damn pretty! Now guess which color I would pick? hehe 

Through the introduction and the workshop i've learned so much about this camera, and i'm starting fall in love with it. Selfie cam not just about selfie anymore!!! It can snap professional landscape and food photo now~~~~ Who need DSLR after this?! 

Just like the EX-TR50, which has already earned high marks as a self-portrait camera, the new EX-ZR3500 is equipped with a 1/1.7-inch back-illuminated CMOS sensor, which has a bigger surface for receiving more light from the lens. This enable sharper imaging in dark locations and when using burst shooting.
The new camera also features Make-up Plus mode, which allows users to create more attractive photos with outstanding resolution. On top of adjusting the color and smoothness of skin while viewing an image, Make-up Plus mode can capture each and every eyelash and hair, while reproducing more natural skin texture thanks to the reduced visual noise made possible by the bigger sensor.

Us, during the introduction and workshop during the event ^^ Many pretty girls eyy~ 

Event brought to you by PopCulture :) Thanks for having me!

I love the whole setting of the day, having many camera card hanging around~ 

So these are the 4 striking color of ZR3500. Looking so nice and professional :)

Say hi to my blogger babes! 
From left: Vickybobo, Chanwon, Chenellewen <3 

Ops! Povy is here too and yes selfie is what we girls do all the time! #girlsbeinggirls moment 

We actually went to had a quick lunch after the event :) It's been such a long time never got time to meet them. 

Till then, 
Oh yes! Pink is my choice! 
The whole package comes with these~ Including the 8GB memory card, leather camera bag, Exilim selfie stick selling at MYR1699 ONLY!

Below will be showing some sample pictures I took with my new love - EX ZR3500 <3 

Snapping details #1 - CHECKED 

#2 Details


Low light selfie #1 - CHECKED

#2 Selfie 

Daylight selfie - CHECKED

Backlight shooting - CHECKED *there's a little defection in the photo coz some dust stick on the lens, no worry*

Now tell me how can I not fall in love with it. It fulfilled my every need actually. Can't believe it can be so good in every range, plus, at this reasonable price T.T. 
Another thing I love about this camera is it have a super convenient function that allows us to transfer photo directly to our smartphone AUTOMATICALLY! It's a whole new level of connecting between camera and phone guys! 
Pls~ bare with me! You gonna love it when you try it! Stay with me cause I will be blogging about all the features and more sample photos in part 2 <3 


15 August 2015

New fragrance pick - Juicy Couture

Hey all! August been a really busy month for me :/ Been start working things out from the beginning of the month and thanks god everything goes smooth :) So yea, finally I have some time to make an update here.

Wanted to share with y'all about my new fragrance pick ^^ I always wanted to try out Juicy Couture fragrance but I never found the scent that I like. Was so happy to get to try out Juicy Couture new launch Hollywood Royal fragrance! Its New and Limited! 

Here is a little bit about Juicy Couture - Juicy Couture is a glamorous, irreverent, and fun lifestyle brand for the decidedly fashionable. Embracing the effortless attitude of its Los Angeles heritage, Juicy discovers the couture in the every day, and delivers an element of surprise in all of its designs. The global phenomenon is identified as a casual luxury brand, offering apparel in the categories of women, girls and baby, handbags, shoes, intimates, swimwear, fragrance, accessories and jewelry. Juicy Couture is available in approximately 200 Juicy Couture stores, Juicy Couture outlet stores and select department stores in approximately 60 countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

This new scent mixes femininity with just the right amount of edge and inspires girls everywhere to #livefamously <3

Speaking about Juicy Couture fragrance, we all know that their fragrance packaging always come in very Hollywood and splendour kinda colour and design. Those eye-catchy fragrance bottle design has been attracted many of us ~ I guess this is the reason why girls love Juicy 

I have some info about the scent smells like thou LOL Well in case you wanna know..

  • Teasing with candied apple before moving to a sexy mix of jasmine sambac and cashmere wood, Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal is as enviable as its muse.
  • Capturing chic femininity, hints of charming candied apple, juicy pear and pomelo open the fragrance.
  • Cashmere wood, vanilla, marshmallow and soft musks fuse together in the dry down to create the signature scent that defines a Hollywood Royal. 

Selling price : 
Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal Eau de Toilette Spray, 5.0 fl.oz/150ml – RM383 
Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal Eau de Toilette Spray, 2.5 fl.oz/75ml – RM294 
Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal Eau de Toilette Spray, 1.3 fl.oz/40ml – RM228
Available at all Sephora stores and major Department Stores: Aeon, Metrojaya, Parkson and Sogo KL

I personally love this fragrance from inside out! And finally I have my very first Juicy Couture scent in my collections ^^ *feeling awesome*

Before I end this post, i'm here to spread the words to all of you MY READERS / FOLLOWERS, inconjunction with Juicy Couture we will be giving out limited edition JUICY COUTURE HOLLYWOOD ROYAL EDT in 150ml if you join my contest on your INSTAGRAM! ^^

Just some easy steps to win Juicy home!
  • Submit a picture of you or your group of friends that perfectly captures what it means “to be living the Hollywood Royalty Lifestyle” on your personal Instagram. 
  • Complete the sentence “I am a Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal Girl because _____________________”
  • Post the picture on your personal Instagram account with the following hashtags  #jchollywoodroyalkl #juicycouturekl
  • No old picture. Must be a new entry but no limit to entries!
  • Tag as many friends in your entry who may want to join in!
Good luck to All! Contest start 14th Aug 2015 - 31st Aug 2015.

10 August 2015

About my parents - Malaysia's Resume

Have you ever thought about sharing a story? I love to tell stories about my life to my friends because every time we share a little about ourselves we gain knowledge and learn from each other’s lives. I believe everybody has gone through different and interesting experiences that deserved to be listened, shared and learned from them.

I came across a website Malaysia’s Resume  and I noticed that it was a platform to share my thoughts and stories about inspiring Malaysians. After I read some of the stories on the website, I was truly inspired and touched by their words. 

This triggered a motivation in me to write a story of how my parents inspired me to be the woman that I am now. The love that they have shown me and the tough times we have gone through bonded us, making us stronger. 

My lovely big family :)
Photo taken during mom's birthday <3 

It’s not difficult to express yourself and it's really fun to write a story about how your family inspired you. Also, don’t forget to say Thank You to them because no matter what happens in your life, they are your parents, your guardian angels and supporters. Show them your appreciation as it is the best thing to do in return. Check out and submit your story and if you have the time check out mine HERE. The best part of it is that you can share your story in different forms such as writing, video, or even in pictures. Just do anything that feels comfortable and that reflects who you are!

11 July 2015

You heard about Caviar Hair Essence before?!


很快已經過了大半年進入七月份了!時間不等人啊~2015很快就結束了.... 想想今年我沒有很場出現在這裡吼 >< 抱歉啦 有時候和真的很懶惰打一大堆字 :( 今晚也是碰巧想打很多字才上來閒逛一下子 LOL 

我最近發現一個護髮精華還蠻好用的,效果很快看得到!我想你們應該對 Shiseido 這個牌子很熟悉吧 *不懂的要被打*他們家除了有護膚,彩妝保養品之外還有護髮產品喔!一直以來我都是用他們家的染髮劑和treatment。每次都很滿意!這次我決定試試在家護理的護髮精華液。
單單名字聽起來就很強!它叫魚子精華 Caviar Essence, 可以說是頂級的護髮精華產品。當然不是真的用魚子來製造, 只是採用了魚子膠囊技術來達到更集中的效果而已 :) *其實我一開始也誤會了*

就是這一組。分別有不同的效果給不同的護髮需求 :) 

藍色比較適合毛躁和難梳理的頭髮 : 恢復因熱能而受損的髮絲 | 紅色適合經常燙染髮 :修復燙染髮質的損傷| 白色則適合受損和乾燥 :同時給予髮絲表面與由內至外地修復




完全不會有殘留物喔!徹底吸收 :)

說實在的我其實也很懶惰每次洗完髮還要塗這些東西 甚至有時完全忘了 >< 但很羨慕明星藝人的頭髮每天都可以那麼亮麗,最後還是得堅持到底!不管怎樣就是要照顧好頭髮才會美~ 不然就不要羨慕人家。第一步就是要找對產品,錢花的值得 總好過買一大堆完全沒有效果的產品來的划算。


想購買可以到我常去的髮廊 Twiggy Hair Salon,他們都用Shiseido產品。
如果可以的話一定要試試他們的專業護髮技術,之前也有分享過 >> HERE !我超超超愛der~~~~~

抱歉這組照片是在一兩個月前拍的,還留著長髮 *oppsy*

27 June 2015

會發熱的眼罩 XD

哈咯! 我又來了~最近天氣真的好熱 再加上房間冷氣壞掉 然後再給我榴蓮季節!是要逼到我發高燒就是了~ =.= 你們記得記得一定要多喝水和清熱涼茶還有水果 :)
今早剛去了Monki新店開幕,嗯 檳城第一家喔!幫你們做了調查,衣服很美 哈哈哈~價錢大概和 TOPSHOP 差不多 風格也相似。Monki Penang 開在 Paragon Mall 底樓 Cafe bene 隔壁, 很好找。

一回來就馬上想跟你們分享我昨天試用的 VIRO 维奥眼部排毒护理修复套装。一套附有兩樣東西,包括5對凝膠狀的黑色眼膜 另外再加5套蒸汽發熱眼罩還有一瓶5ml的眼部精華。發熱眼罩我個人覺得蠻特別的而且敷起來很舒服。

主要功效: 激活细胞活性 促进血液循环 改善眼部细小皱纹 祛除黑眼圈 眼袋及眼部浮肿更具有保是收敛和紧致功效。


這就是纯竹炭纤维凝膠眼膜,滿滿的精華。它主要是幫助淡化黑眼圈,消除疲勞,乾紋,細紋 等等~

不好意思讓你們受驚嚇 >< 化身蝙蝠俠。凝膠敷起來涼涼的 閉上眼睛15分鐘讓雙眼好好休息。



沒錯 是這樣 :)


嘿嘿!眼睛明顯消水腫了!化了妝看起來也比較有精神 <3 說真的第一次用會發熱的眼膜真的很特別也很新奇...身為低頭族的我們眼睛真的需要好好保護才行。所謂眼睛乃是靈魂之窗嘛 ^^ 

謝謝 Eunice 的推薦 <3 
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