6 November 2015

Another fav silk mask found

Its MASKing time again! Seriously, i love apply mask very much. I have loads of different types & brands of mask in my drawer. And i also love to try out new mask, especially silk mask. I think i prefer silk mask than normal mask sheet. Silk mask fits my face nicely and i think it allows skin to absorb nutrients better too :)
Previously i had recommend another silk mask in glass bottle which is the AnariaFuture silk mask. I finished the whole box already :( But then next 2 days I receive another brand of silk mask from Juven's hehe! She send me 2! Haha which mean i can have them with me for another month *wink*

So i was saying about my new silk mask, it called Juven's Silk Mask formulated in France. I already applied twice since i first got them :) Purely my very personal comment here. I recently have very bad and dehydrate skin after doing skin laser for the past few months, my skin gets dehydrate very easily, once not enough nutrient it will easily have some breakout. My skin having quite alot of breakout these days. Stupid haze makes my skin problem even worst >< Because of all this causes, i need to apply mask very often. 

Juven's Silk Mask is an unique and exclusively formulated from France. It is unique formula which crafted with carefully select and high efficiencies active ingredients. Each of the active ingredient possesses superior functions, such as hydrating, antioxidant, recovery and etc.
Each of the mask sheet made with 100% pure silk, it is not only fits perfectly and also not falling so easily. It allows ingredients to absorbs into deep skin layer over time. 

After applying Juven's, my breakout recover faster and feeling my skin more hydrated than before. Make up fits better too! We all know that if skin is not in good condition, make up will not fit well and skin will looks very oily. One of Juven's ingredients that i like the most is the  Allantoin  it helps to repairs and promotes healing, gives skin a smoother finish, and perfect for dry skin. This helps problem skin recover even faster. 

Other than Allantoin, the is another 5 active ingredients that you should know. 

  • Ceramides 神经酰胺 - Reinforces the stratum corneum barrier function, and prevents water evaporation.
  • Rosehip Essence 玫瑰果精华 - Great antioxidant, retards oxidants damage, age protection, and improves skin's elasticity.
  • Allantoin 尿囊素- Repairs and promotes healing, gives skin a smoother finish, and perfect for dry skin.  
  • Hyaluronic Acid 玻尿酸 - Necessary for the skin's water retention capacity and locks the moisture in within.
  • Trehalose 海藻多糖 - Maintains hydro-lipid equilibrium, moisturises, and rehydrates dehydrated skin's cell.
  • Witch Hazel 北美金縷梅 - Astringent to tighten skin's pores, anti-inflammatories, and soothing 

Top 10 Benefits of Juven's Silk Mask
  1. Plump
  2. Lift
  3. Firm
  4. Whiten
  5. Moisture
  6. Restore
  7. Hydrate
  8. Balanc
  9. Anti-aging
  10. Protect

 Hello my pretty Fiona hehehe

So here are some close up view of the silk mask sheet and also the steps on how to apply it.
 Its a piece of silk mask with full of essence yet no extra fluids dripping. Its thin and soft touch. 

It actually fit well one, but the size its too big for my face lah :/ Anyhow it also fits way better than normal mask sheet. 

20min ^^ 

Basically you will see the improvement on your skin even after first use. You will feel that your skin gets more hydrated and skin's complexion turn brighter and smoother :) Juven's suitable for all skin types, especially for dehydrated skin like mine, uneven skin tone & aging skin. Best to use 2-3 times in a week and for best result, apply after cleans your face and also after toning. 

Please be inform that this is a single-use treatment product, discard mask after use. If the fluid get into eyes, wash eyes immediately with clean water. Not applicable on injured skin, test apply on small skin area is recommended for sensitive skin. Discontinue use if there is any discomfort or allergic reaction observed.

New love found! Yayy!! 

If you want to try out Juven's Silk Mask, you can get it from their official FB page which I tag below :)

28 October 2015

Love life


不知道從什麼時候開始,我慢慢地少了分享我真實的生活。但也不算網路上看到的全是假的啦 -.- 只是我好像不希望透露太多關於工作上或是一些比較壓力 /負面的情緒。前一陣子大家不是都在瘋玩 17 嗎?記得在live裏最常被問的就是“你是做什麼的?” 頓時我才發現原來有那麼多人不知道我的飯碗是什麼 =.=

我其實從事服裝業也有差不多5-6年了。從原先的 Chakaboo 到後來換名至 Dovey Diary 從一開始的網路販賣到現在擁有了實店 這一路走來真的不容易。雖然我不是很厲害的創業者 也沒有特別高的收入 但我很開心。開心在我做我的夢想,做我喜歡的事。更感激的當我不在時有一班小幫手可以幫我打點大小事 好讓我可以安心的去採購。當然這一切還在經營著。搬了一次店,那現在地點在 Penang Times Square :) 目前還是比較注重於網購方面,因為我的客人比較多是外省的。 老實講我不奢望把生意搞成大規模因為我不想對這行業感到厭惡。大規模當然好因為收入也會增加,但每天搞的自己累的像鬼一樣我不覺得會有幾開心 :/ 小小的做,足夠養活自己我已經很滿足了。女人嘛,還是要有自己的一份收入比較好 至少可以抬起頭來做人 哈哈哈

我從不後悔當初選擇這行業 放棄穩定的薪水。我只會更愛它!雖然也有沮喪和想放棄的時候,但回頭想想這一路走來那麼辛苦我還是撐了那麼多年...我從來不會講自己是entrepreneur因為這個字眼對我來講好像太嚴重了。我只是一個愛賣東西的人而已。

再多2個月就要結束2015年了。這一年裏發生很多事 我也體會了很多不一樣的事情。一年裏要發生什麼事真的很難預料...就好像在這九月份我開了第二家店,名 No.65 雖然也不是大間的但我覺得小小的真的很舒服 :) 這次是和男友一起開的,屬於我們的店。店裏賣的屬於比較接近生活的東西~從時尚的衣服帽子到鞋子包包和枕頭茶具等都有!概念大概偏向於像在台灣的生活小館。

我想如果我不講大概很多人都不懂吧。 Instagram 裏看到的我都是每天穿美美的出門玩和旅行 哈哈 我真的比較不喜歡在那透露太多的個人情緒,尤其是負面的。工作壓力誰沒有,狼狽的時候也不可能拍下來吧 哈 我不想傳達負能量給任何人 所以我不愛抱怨太多,影響了自己也影響別人。不是不分享,至是少了。如果你們想看我會想想辦法怎麼呈現的美一點 ><''

今天這麼一寫可能真的讓更多人知道我是有事業有工作的,我不是每天吃喝玩樂。網路上呈現的只是我想被大家看到的一面。另一名不美的就免了 :)

Dovey Diary 店舖你們大概都看膩了吧 那我就不放圖咯~還沒收工之前在這裡為你們送上 65 Sixty Five 的改造過程 :) 還真用了我不少心血 ~
Sixty Five Instagram : @Sixtyfivemy
Dovey Diary Instagram: @DoveyDiary


20 October 2015

Pobling Mini Ion Applicator

You know sometimes applying skincare by hand is not enough. We do not know is the nutrient fully absorb deep into our skin or it just remain on the surface. If you go for facial you probably understand how machines or device can works better. With vibration, infrared or LED lights will helps skin absorb nutrient better.
One thing you should know, device with lights cost a lot and not everyone can afford that price. Hence we can go for vibration applicator. It also works to help skin absorb skincare with vibration and also massage. 

I think you guys should not feel strange about the brand name Pobling. They came out with few product like facial cleansing machines and more. Most of the product has been selling so so good in the market! 

Im so glad that Pobling has launched their new device. Call it the Mini Ion Applicator. Its kinda like massager and it comes in super light weight and handy size. No other charger or cable needed, all you need is one AAA battery. Besides it does not have switch on/off button, it will automatically start working while you contact it with your skin. This is brilliant thou!  

Here we have another awesome creature from the Pobling! ^^

Fully imported and made in Korea.

This is the place where you replace your AAA battery. Just one is enough :) 

Remember to turn the handle cover to the correct side to close the cover tight.

There you go! And lets start our massage moment~

Apply skincare evenly to your skin and start massage lightly with Pobling Mini Ion Applicator. You can feel skin are more moisture than before in just one used. I like to use it while watching series drama at night after mask! hehe Oh ya, other than skincare, you can also use it after you peel of your mask sheet. Just let it helps you to absorb more nutrient from your mask. 

Special thanks to HERMO for sending this to me! Price selling at RM85 in retail but HERMO have the special promo period until end of this month. Discounted price will be at RM68 ONLY! 

I heard that its always out of stock during last month and thanks god its finally back in stock! Please head up to link below and buy one for yourself! Truly worth with the price! 

HERMO direct link : 

14 October 2015

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Foot File Review

Do you have cracked skin on your feet? No matter is serious crack or minor crack, it is ugly! Especially when you are a sandal kinda person, hard skin tends to build up very often. I used to see pretty girls wearing beautiful high heels but they have cracked skin at the back of their heel :/ It really doesn’t look healthy at all. I guess most of us tend to have less emphasis on our feet because we think no one would take notice of them!

However, we should really put more effort to keep our feet healthy and smooth! Not to say paying extra money for pedicure service at the salon like every month la~ because we can now do it at home! Scholl has launched a product the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi which can easily remove all the dead skin and return you a smooth silky feet :)

#SchollMY’s latest innovation keeps your hard skin at bay! Coined the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi - it is the simplest yet handy electronic foot file is designed for ease of use.


This has been the best device way to remove hard skin so far cause it’s electronic! Simply roll over to the hard skin area and it will help you buff away all of them~ Way better than manual foot file / pumice stone!

Here is the roller head, with microgranulate particles that works amazingly on our feet in just one use. ^^

You can wash and replace a new roller head too! They are easily attainable in the major pharmacies in Malaysia.

This is how you remove the roller head. Pretty easy one! 

Before we get started. Kindly remove both cards at the battery :)

On / Off switch at both side. Easy for you to use with both hands :) Very thoughtful~

Let us begin with the experiment! hehehe

My right feet. I wear sneakers most of the time so I think the condition is not too bad yet

Simply the easiest way to get your feet pampered without heading out for any pedicure service which cost quite a lot LOL 

My calluses~ 

Right after one use! I’m very amazed by the result ~ My skin looks extra supple and smooth now! How can you not fall in love with this @.@

And then the protection cover is here for you to cover up and bring it wherever you go! 

Easy peasy~ 

Seriously I like this! Should get my parents to try it too~ You can get it at any pharmacy retail including Watson & Guardian. For more information and beauty tips on how to care for your feet, log on to

You can now get the #SchollMY Velvet Smooth Express Pedi at RM135.20 only! Get it first before sold out~ You can also purchase ONLINE here : with additional 5% OFF by using promo code : SCHSOU

Promo ends 31st October 2015