17 May 2015

AO Klinik gathering night

It was a blast night with the team. A special and awesome team from AO Klink. It was last minute plan for the dinner but they did great for that! They found awesome place, nice food & good wine along with all the pretty people :)

If you don't know, AO Klinik is a place where you gets prettier and healthier every time you visit! hahaha sounds like a miracle ~.~

It's my pleasure to join them as a team now. We girls will never feel enough of getting pretty one! hehehe All I want is healthier skin, brighter skin, and more beautiful features........ <3.
If you realise, i've been to their place quite often during the past 4 months. I went for whitening dripping, Botox injection for my puffy face, and also cure my tear ditch which makes me looking tired without make up. Everything done securely with professional doctors and the result is amazing!

Im not sure if you noticed that I already have my slightly sharper face now hehehe. Square shape still there but it do look smaller now LOL I guess you wont find out until I get you my before & after later on~

Speaking back about the awesome dining time with them. I fully enjoyed the night with exchange of views and also laugher! Oh! Forget to mention the place we dine.

Its a new wine bar / restaurant hidden along Leith Street Penang. Name: Georgetown Wines. 

Im sorry that I did not spend too much time on taking photos on the interior and exterior. So here is the only one that I grab from their fb page @.@ But definitely high recommended place to dine and also wine :) 

AO even got each of us a box of Belgian famous chocolate and a red rose :) So thoughtful! 

Hi Dave :) 

Part of the ladies & gentlemen :) 

Food of the night

Its been such a long time I din't really get to know new people from different industry like that. Happy to meet each of them :) I heard that AO will continue make event like this very often hehehe! Can't wait for the next one~

Well you can see it...OBVIOUSLY XD

So above is the result after once Botox injection. After photo taken 2-3 months after the treatment. For your info,  Botox injection for sharper face take time to really see the result. Mostly around 1-2 months.

In case you wanna know more about AO Klink
 here is the official website :

15 May 2015


哈咯!剛從新加坡回來就有滿滿滿的工作要處理。差點喘不過氣來了 :( 好啦,慢慢的一步一步完成吧!今天想分享的是來自日本的 Bijouna 超音波臉部按摩器。另外它還具有測量皮膚水份/滋潤度的功能噢~這個我覺得我很需要 哈哈哈 每天擦那麼多保養品還真不確定是否完全吸收... 試用期間我幾乎每次擦完保養品就來測一測,蠻好玩的!全日本進口喔!就連充電插頭的保留日本的,如果要購買的話記得也順便買本地插頭。




必須確認測量前螢幕顯示 00% 後 才開始進行測試噢~

只要把它貼在臉上在輕壓,聽到 ’畢‘ 聲後就可以離開臉部了 

這結果我也不清楚是好還是怎樣 反正不要低過 10% 就好 @.@


這是附在裡面的 moisture gel :) 淡淡玫瑰香~很喜歡!

我沒辦法示範在臉部因為手勢不對 很難拍 :( 反正也很簡單啦,就這樣塗抹再用儀器就可以了~輕輕往上按摩 還有瘦臉功效!哈哈 建議大家可以嘗試用不同的 gel / cream 來看效果~沒規定一定要用它們家的 moisute gel :) 

我個人覺得每個女孩都應該要有一部這種儀器來確認我們擦的保養品是不是真的有效。臉部肌膚最重要的就是擁有足夠的水份... 有了足夠的水份肌膚問題也會大大減低~
再說著款 BIJIOUNA 儀器還附有超音波按摩儀器 2 in 1 很方便 而且也不算太大架。日本的產品我都很放心用放心買 :) 

購買網址 :

特別優惠只給你們 ! Quote : Anerly10 - 10% 折扣!

5 May 2015

My mom ^^

她很少對我說很窩心的話但我知道在她心裏我最需要保護因為我排行最小,她對我的愛不用說出口我也可以深深的明白 :)
我因為工作的關係有時候會比較遲回家,但她總是等我回家才肯睡。再累她都會等,怎麼勸她還是堅持 @.@ 
媽,我真的好愛你。看你漸漸老了我心很難受,我真的不敢想像每天回家看不見你的日子。我想跟你說聲對不起,為了事業我必須常在外面少了時間陪你。希望你健健康康永遠保持年輕的心 :) 

母親節快樂 <3️

Here's a little tribute to mother's by.

25 April 2015

My exciting weekend at Mission-Q

I bet some of you might familiar with "room escaping" game. I guess that is one of the best activity where you can have so much fun with friends / family. 
One past weekend, I was invited by Mission-Q to attend their opening launch and gets the first to try on their games! This is my second time in playing room escape games and I found that Mission-Q has the best standard of room designs which hide a lot of surprise! This makes everything become so so REAL! In order to fulfilled every tasks, teamwork, creativity, communication and courage are essential. Every tasks need imaginations. 


About Mission-Q
Mission-Q transforms the virtual "Room Escaping" games into real like experiences. Participants are locked in a room where the objective is to physically free themselves within an hour by collecting items, identifying clues and solving puzzles and riddles to open locks. Each room is uniquely designed to fully immerse participants in unforgettable experience.

What so special about Mission-Q?
Creating cinematic experience where each of their rooms consists of several surprises and exhilarating moments. For example, the even have walls that can be opened up @.@ , hidden symbols that can only be viewed under special lighting and trolleys big enough to transport several people arounds.

High standards in room designs set them apart from others. Each of the masterfully crafted adventures, while part of an overarching narrative, also offer their own unique experience. Travel through time in Quantum as you solve an inter-temporal mystery. Experience visual puzzles only available at Mission-Q in The Great Illusionist.

Mission Q’s rooms are meticulously conceived and designed with the following ideals. First, each adventure focuses on optimizing players’ experiences by providing individual unique surprises in each respective adventure. Second, puzzles are based entirely on logic; with a bit of hard work and creativity, you and your team will be able to solve them all without having to rely on leaps of logic or unsatisfactory reasoning. Third, they believe in the paramount importance of the experience over ‘props.’ Mission-Q focus way more on how the room makes you feel rather than what is actually inside the room.

Final tasks! Enough of our brain juice that been squeezed >< Let them do their jobs! LOL

Young ladies of the day! <3 *of course including me* =P

Thanks Mission-Q for having me! Definitely the best escape room in Penang :D

 Full outfit from Dovey Diary 
Bag from SaintHK
Nike Airmax 90 pink

They have 5 different kind of room design at the moment :) Here is some basic info for each room and do checkout their difficulty before you decide hahaha!

Before ended up this post. I made a video for the whole experience I had in Mission-Q. Attached below :) Lets see how excited is it! It's my third short clip in this month LOL Do subscribe my Youtube channel hehehe

Location : Queensbay Mall Penang (Level.3)
Contact : +604-6370 607 or +6012-515 3688

9 April 2015

吃吃喝喝在香港 *甜點篇*

哈咯!好久不見啊~都快忘記密碼來登陸這裏了 哈哈 *瞎* 想想我也應該繼續一下到香港玩的分享。最近好多人去旅行耶~ 尤其是日本!到日本看櫻花真的有夠幸福的 可惜我還沒有機會欣賞 T.T 明年吧!明年一定去 羨慕一下也好 哈哈哈
我其實也好想出國旅行,待在同樣的地方太久有時候還蠻乏味的。到處走走吸取不同的視野是我很喜歡也很享受的一件事 但,前提是你要有錢! 哈哈哈 努力掙錢唄!!!
好啦,沒錢的話就看看久照 寫寫blog吧! :) 翻開文件夾看見那麼多漂亮美食照片沒分享出來還真白費我一番功夫啊 ~到了香港怎麼可以少了甜品呢?! 今天就來分享女生都愛的甜食 <3

以上這家位於澳門一個小巷裏,很多人排隊的 不難找。不好意思我忘了把路牌記起來 :( 這家 crepe 還不錯,可能因為本人不太愛吃 crepe 所以沒什麼特別的感想 =.= 但這個千萬要乘熱吃喔,不到到後面餅皮軟了有點噁心 ><''

位:銅鑼灣 時代廣場附近

特別愛芒果系列!因為不會太甜而且微微的酸味好好吃!我們每人點了不一樣的 幾乎好吃的都被我們都點完了 非常值得一試喔!

這家也位於銅鑼灣時代廣場附近,走路可以到。Honey Creme <3

知道我們馬來西亞也有家很類似的,但沒吃過。這家說起來很好笑,其實我們住的酒店就在銅鑼灣 時代廣場附近,然後每天搭地鐵都會經過它~打從第一天我就吵要吃!但每次都說等今晚回來順路買了邊走邊吃...結果沒有一次成功的!哈哈哈 因為太懶惰,而且有時回太晚也關店了。 知道最後一晚才die die跑去吃了!很滿足~咖啡口味很好吃 也不會太甜。更讓我開心的是 他們用的是香草冰淇立 而不是優格冰淇淋 嘻嘻嘻!開心死了~

你們應該對 Dazzling Cafe 不陌生吧。在台灣很有名喔!在香港也只有那麼一間,位於九龍城 The One 商場裏。沒去過台灣的就先來香港的吧!我覺得你們可以不用擔心食物質量不好,因為就連員工全部都是台灣人 @.@ 這點我有點傻眼!還是他們其實是香港人但會講一口流利的標準華語?!


近來開始愛拍影片,感覺比照片有趣多了 *wink* 還在努力學習學拍攝和剪接中!可以 follow我的 Instagram @Anerlyfang <3 我會在那裏放些有的沒的影片 練習練習 哈哈... 今天就到此吧。讓我想想下一篇的標題再補上~要顧店了!掰 <3