22 August 2014

Time for some hair treatment frizzy hair! LOL

Hey all! Is like I'm back to blogging again :) How you guys been doing? I've been busying almost everyday ~.~ I really don't understand why there is always undone stuff ><
Alright, since I'm kinda free for today I decided to go for Twiggy ^^ Guess what?! Finally doing time for the second Salon Solution after months!!!
Honestly my hair been so DRY and FRIZZY!!! I hate the spilt ends so much and sometimes will split into 3 @.@ This is terrible! Well this is the fact that need to face when you have longer hair :( What to do?! Coz someone like it! hehehe
Okay, do you remember that I have blogged about this Salon Solution hair treatment previously? Read HERE. I really really recommend this hair treatment to you guys, cause its so effective and the result can stay up to one month! I never tried one hair treatment that give such a long term result before.

Please allow me to say it again, this is the whole set of the professional Salon Solution hair treatment from Shiseido. 

I'm so in love with this hair treatment ever since I tried it for the first time. Is like I never gonna try other hair treatment anymore >< I can feel the sincerity and the profession of this hair treatment. Unlike the common hair treatment that only apply hair mask, steam, wash off --> thats it. *sorry not trying to offend* 
Forgot to bring my camera out today so I can only capture these errrr random shots! hah!

selfie #1
I never been have this so soft touching hair for so lonnggggg~~~~~

selfie #2 *spot the different* LOL 

This time is a little bit different from previous steps. We exclude the last steps to see the result. Surprisingly the result has not much different!! Big yay!!!! For your info, the full step Salon Solution hair treatment cost around MYR350. I know is not cheap and some of you might really want to try but not everyone can afford. 
So Twiggy Salon has come out with a lower price Salon Solution hair treatment :) So hearty right? Price range from MYR180 - MYR250. Is much cheaper now! Why not give a try?? * I bet you will love it* 

Love my hair hehehe! Thanks Twiggy <3

Call for booking 

Pulau Tikus branch 604-2271148
Macalister branch 604-2261108

10 August 2014

掰掰蝴蝶袖 with EasyS Cream

最近我po太多食物和甜點了 >< 良心實在過意不去。吃太多真的又開始發胖了!!!全都因為最近太多誘人甜點了,到處開新店害我到處吃個不停!哈哈 到了 KL 也繼續吃 >< 記得我以前好像沒有蝴蝶袖的,頂多是肚腩大了點而已 T.T 現在~~~~~~~~~我真的不太敢擺動手臂揮手說掰掰 =.= 聽朋友說蝴蝶袖好像治不了…


老實講,我天生就沒什麼運動細胞 再加上懶惰所以基本上我沒什麼運動的 :( 我知道這很錯但我真的不愛~ 為了打救我這一生鬆弛的贅肉我只好往另一個方向去解決咯!

於是,我無意中發現了它!歐洲(Monaco) 研發的瘦身膏。從包裝來看,一點都不想是中國複製產品。反正對老外產品比較有信心! :) 

它的主要功效是提高皮膚緊緻,瘦身和抗脂肪。由於它是瘦身產品,作用是燃燒脂肪所以味道聞起來有點辣辣的,而且還有姜的味道。它的用法很簡單,每天塗兩次。清洗完身體就把適量的 EasyS Cream 擦在需要提拉的部位然後輕輕的按摩知道完全吸收為止。




我每天還在很努力的擦,但只在晚上 因為擦完馬上睡覺就不覺得特別辣 LOL 搞定手臂接下來要挑戰我的大肚腩了!!!Sexy bikinis 等我!

1 August 2014

Rosy Rain 激勵推薦!

嘿嘿!好久不見~~~我又回來報到一下!最近真的有點忙,好多事情要處理。甚至有點忙到懶得護膚 T.T 每天倒頭就睡了…
但很開心新一批的美衣就要上架了 *期待*連我自己也覺得這批貨太太太美喏 因為本人有參與設計和製做!呵呵 :)
好啦,今天先不講衣服。我想介紹一下我最近新嘗試的化妝水和精華液。說真的我對這品牌有點陌生,但據我說知在香港是很有名的。它是 Vievic KURAHITO skin white VC series 日本藏人。他們家注重的是美白。所以一整個系列也是美白的。一開始不是很有信心,因為美白產品大多數比較黏。我最怕黏膩了!我有稍微google了一下,評價還不錯。

這就是我說的化妝水,美白程度很好, 對抗細紋也不錯!用起來非常清爽 保濕又不黏膩~我每早晚都用它,不趕時間的話我都精量讓它自然吸收自然乾 :)真的很喜歡。
聽說它厲害到被稱為 第二 SK - II 。

日本技術,採用純米酒製成。完全不含香料和色素 並且富有19个氨基酸,B族维生素,矿物质和多糖。這些成份長效保濕,美白 :)再見我的黑皮膚!!哈哈哈

這個或許有些人已經開始用了。大家都知道蝸牛的黏液的神奇功效吧?試過很多來自蝸牛先生的產品我都蠻喜歡的。也可能廠家知道它的偉大 所以發明了這種比較小瓶方便攜帶的精華液 :)特別好!

而且包裝很吸引 @.@



這過程不到三秒!當然我有用手推開啦~ 呵呵



27 July 2014

Kiehl's Queensbay Mall Store Tour

It is the 2nd Kiehl's store opening in Penang. For your info, another one is located in Gurney Plaza which opened not too long ago. I was quite happy to see that Kiehl's is finally in Penang. I adore natural ingredient skincare cause my skin loves it! hahaha Sensitive skin needs pure & natural thing. Besides, i've also heard many good comments from my friends about this brand.

Kiehl's is an American cosmetics brand retailer that specializes in making premium skin, hair, and body care products. Founded as a single pharmacy in New York City's East Village in 1851, Kiehl's was purchased by the L'Oréal Group in 2000 and currently has more than 250 retail stores worldwide, and over 1000 points of sale supplemented by sales in high-end department stores, select airport locations, as well as independent stockists.
In contrast to its market competitors, Kiehl's is distinguished for its unorthodox marketing approach, exceptionally large male clientele base and its products' simple and straightforward packaging.
Have you ever wonder why there is always a Mr. Bones standing in front of every store?  "Mr. Bones" skeleton is the actual human skeleton used by founding family member, Aaron Morse during consultations to educate patrons on various ailments and how Kiehl’s remedies would address them. Today, "Mr. Bones" represents Kiehl’s pharmacy heritage, commitment to customer service, education and science.

Special thanks to Kiehl's for inviting me and my fellow bloggers to a store tour at Queensbay Mall. 

It was such a fun day with Joy (person in charge ), she's such a nice and fun person. She even show us one by one of Kiehl's products and some info about each products. I really appreciate her professionality. I always wonder, why is the product come in such plain and clean packaging. Well Joy told us, good product don't need to have the pretty outlook to attract buyer cause good product itself its the best packaging! 

One of the best seller series! 

I feel like buying this Calendula Toner with herbal extract! It even contain flower petals which makes me feel soooooo natural!!! 

I love this gift box so much!! Look at the pretty packaging~~~~ Who's birthday coming? hehehe

She even prepare us some snacks from DOME. *so hearty*

Besides learning about the products, we also get to know more about our own skin with professional pharmacyist :) We get to test and learn which kind of product suits the best for our skin. I personally love this session the most! XD 

I seems a little 'gan jeong' ~.~

Me paying attention on the product that pharmacyist recommend~

Here she is, a picture with Joy ^^

Group pic!

Goodie goodie bag! Can't believe it has the Calendula toner inside!!! *doublejoy*

Left: Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash
Right: Calendula Herbal Extract Toner 

Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. 
This is their No.1 best seller in our country! So glad that we got one too! It is the clear spots serum that heals away the dark spot on our face. I feel like it specially made for my skin LOL

Deep Pore Flower Power! Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash. It contain Calendula flower extract which able to gentle lifts surface debris and impurities from skin, without over-drying.

Calendula Herbal Extract Toner. Gently tones and soothes skin and improves problem area.
I started to love Kiehl's product ever since I got them hope weeks ago. Even if the product does not smells good, but i'm sure that the result is beyond than that.

13 July 2014

超愛的防曬霜 ❤


冰淇淋不到兩分鐘就溶了 所以我都用吞的! XD

自從北京回來,我才發現我真的變黑了好多好多 >< 尤其是手臂和大腿!!!天啊~手錶線和襪子線也太明顯了吧 :( 一切一切都必須怪自己!因為我太太太討厭擦防曬了 T.T 你知道那麼大的太陽一出門就全身黏答答的,如果再加上防曬的黏度我實在受不了。只好變個黑人咯…
不過即使再怎麼討厭擦防曬霜都好,對臉部總該負點責任吧 哈哈,我可不想變黑面人。
想了好久到底要帶什麼樣子的防曬才適合。不要黏膩,不要容易出油。我知道我很難搞 >< 但沒辦法,我的皮膚就是不可以用太油膩的產品。


這五天裏我就只靠它!幸好能把我的膚色維持。它不黏不膩…防曬功能也不錯,更值得提得是它不阻塞毛孔噢。而且我發現它好像也有補水成份,因為北京天氣是屬於乾燥的,通常一兩天後會開始脫皮~ 用了它好像沒這個問題耶!還有平時的防曬霜我用了都會有一點點的阻塞,用了以兩個星期就不能再繼續用了。所以我說我的皮膚真的很麻煩!!!
這品牌的其他產品我也用過,品質都很好 算是美容界裏的名牌之一~


我都只擦薄薄一層~擦太多膚色會不均勻 哈哈哈

六月份-七月份的最愛!! 到現在我還在用呢~ 真多虧有我姐的介紹 ❤ ….她也有再賣噢!

Beauté Story 是她的賣場。如果要再方便一點可以 Wechat : Sheryn87 / Instagram: Beauté Story 

我所以說我現在的情況是,臉是白的,手是黑的 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈。。。噢!看看表,我快收工啦~~~~期待等下凌晨的世足決賽!掰