13 October 2014

Schwarzkopf Freshlight Foam DIY Hair Color

Here is another late post which I been dragged for few weeks time. Im sorry cause its just too many pending post to be done, I got no choice but postpone this.
Back to the topic,  a few of my friend told me that I did a little too much for my recent hair color >< They said it was too black in color :O If there is a little ash or brown color will be perfect for my skin tone.

Therefore, I recently found a DIY foam hair color from Schwarzkopf! As all of you might know that Schwarzkopf is one of the famous hair product company as well. To be frank, this is the first time I’m using their product and i'm quite excited about it. I have choosen my all time favourite color, which is Berry Ash! Hope it will turn out a little ashie color hehehe

I would like to also share with you the whole process of dying it with steps by steps as well as the benefit of the Freshlight Foam :)

• Its rich mousse texture soaks into hair quickly for beautiful colour result.
• Its shampoo-look allows you to apply it easily.
• Moisturizing hair deeply, it makes your hair supple, soft and smooth.

• Glossy shine is also provided after colour Treatment with silk extract.
Kit Containing: 1 bottle colouring cream (1st Agent)
1 bottle of developer emulsion (2nd Agent)
1 sachet of after colour treatment
1 push pump
Professional colour gloves
Professional colour interaction leaflet

Before we start. Lets check and see if you are ready! My advice, wear your most raggedy T-shirt and put on the gloves included with the colouring treatment. Next, perform an allergy test before using any hair colour. You find the instructions for this test on the package insert along with the colouring instructions.

1st, glove checked! 

Left 1st Agent , right 2nd Agent

Pour the 1st agent into the 2nd agent bottle.

Install the pump and tilt the bottle left and right to mix both agents well. I have coloured my hair soooo many times before and didn’t think I would need to read the instructions but PLEASE read the instructions. Don’t worry, they are very simple but it states that you should NOT shake the bottle vigorously.

Push the pump and make the foam.

Apply to your dry hair and knead well. Leave 30-40 min :)

Rinse well after 30-40 min and use shampoo and the treatment provided. 

Schwarzkopf Colouring Tips!
• If you are trying to decide between two colour shades always select the lighter one providing your hair is not already medium blond or lighter. Lighter hair colours flatter the complexion more than darker colours
• All ash-blond hues work wonders in creating a youthful appearance: This colour shade counter-balances red blotches, softens the lines of the face and blends well with the first grey hairs
• The haircut must also be appropriate. The most suitable hair styles allow the hair to move around easily and individual strands fall into the face. This creates a lively impression and is a softer frame for the face than short hair stubbles or tightly gathered hair
• Use lotions, mousse, foam and flexible sprays to keep the soft and natural character of hair intact

I purchase mine in Watson at an affordable price, great value and promising results!

So here is the result. It has a little brownish here!

You know what, the moisturising effect really surprised me! I never thought that a home DIY hair colour did so well in smoothen and moisture after hair dying. Worth to try!

Here is some extra tips for home hair colour:
• Caution! The colouring results may be quite surprising if you have coloured your hair using henna or a henna-containing colouring extract from plants in the preceding four months. The same also applies to a change from artificial to biological hair dyes.
• In case your hair colour has turned out to be too ash-coloured or greyish, simply use a tinting treatment or a colour shampoo to add a reddish or golden nuance.
• You want to perm and colour your hair? Don’t do it at the same time or in quick succession! Allow your hair to recover for one or two weeks after a perm or colouring treatment.
• Chances are that you love your new hair colour. Make sure to write down the colour nuance for your next treatment. You won’t have to guess when purchasing your next colouring treatment.
• Use shampoos and conditioners for colour-treated hair so that your hair colour retains its lustre and stays healthy. Colour-treated hair needs special care. Once a week, you should therefore apply a conditioning mask to bring out the beauty of your hair.

11 October 2014

Home body firming treatment with Vsis

Slimming been into so many form these days. It's no longer a professional service anymore. We can now have our home slimming treatment anytime. I pretty enjoy doing contingent slimming massage at home before sleep :)
What I try to share with y'all today is about a super luxury firming oil. Why is it luxury?? It is because it contains 23k gold @.@ WOW! Besides, the other contains included ginger extract and essential oil, Zedoary and Clove essential oils that stimulate the microcirculation and together with the ivy and seaweed extracts increase the result of anti-cellulite, slimming and firming treatment.
Remember I shared another slimming product previously? Find it HERE .

Vsis 23Gold Firming Oil

It looks kinda luxury from the outside! This firming oil is different from that cream thou. This is more like a massage oil with firming effect. It has the result of toning, firming, anti-aging, etc. What's more its even has the result of smoothen skin. This is what I like hehehe

I can't make sure everyone like this firming oil. Cause as stated its oil base. So if you're not vey comfortable or used to do oil massage then you might feel this one a bit greasy. 

Very easy to use, just shake well before open the bottle cap. Make sure you cleans your skin before massage :) Don't forget to close the safety cap after use cause the bottle cap might not safe enough to prevent oil pouring out easily.

Honestly, I'm a person who don't like oily stuff. So I will only use it on my legs. Massage every night to tighten my fats and firm :) Very easy, just gently massage until its fully absorb just like you apply body lotion!

Special thanks to Zooey House for always bringing awesome stuff! So happy to get to try on this firming oil cause the previous one is too spicy for me LOL I cannot tahan hahaha

You can look for their Instagram @zooey_house for more good products! 
And also Wechat / Line: qiqisaw1014 / zooeyhouse if you have any question :)

2 October 2014

I found my fav sunglasses here!

Hey all! Im back after a week :) Feeling great whenever I'm here cause when every time I'm up here there will be some interesting thing to share with you.
I'm sure that everyone who lives in summer country will definitely need sunglasses. Especially to those that drives everyday under hot sun and you still found that your car tinted doesn't help a lot LOL.
To me, I love to collect sun shades with different brands. There will be different style of designs in different brand. The brand I love the most is SUPER - from Italy. I was so attracted by their special designs which you hardly find in other brand. Besides,  I like Ray Ban as well :) I love cause it has the most retro and vintage sunglasses design ever!!!

Alright, speaking about sunglasses. The price is not cheap at all :( Especially when you want it in branded. But no worry from now on cause I found one international online site that sells the lowest price for branded sunglasses like PRADA, SUPER, GUCCI, POLICE, RAY BAN, etc. Besides sunglasses, they even provide range of normal glasses and contact lenses.

One thing I like about this website is that, if you worry that the spec may not suit your face shape, you can always find the Face Shape guide at the sidebar :)
No matter what face shape you are, you will definitely found the best sunglass that suits you!

GlasseOnline even provide the 30 days return policy for every purchase.

Guess which brand I got myself from GlassesOnline ? Simply love it so much! 

Got my very first SUPER sunglass from HERE

I always wanted a stylish yet simple looking sunglass. I've went to shop to try on many kind of sunglass but not much suit me cause I have a square face shape. Besides Ray Ban, it's too hard for me to try another brand. 
One day I stumble across SUPER website and I found that their range of sunglasses its really unique and I started to fall in love with this brand. I even when to retail shop to try! 
I din't get any for myself cause it's too pricey for just a sunglass. Over budget liao! LOL Then I found out this website from a blogger, and they are selling this brand as well!! What a surprise, THEY GOT WHAT I WANT!!! I was so so so happy!!! Then check on the price, ehhh??? It's really a lot cheaper than retail price even if its discounted price, GlassesOnline still the cheapest one! 
Don't care this time, I die die need to get one for myself!!! 

Look at it! Isn't it hot??? LOL 100% authentic no worry okay! 

Last but no least, a little more about Glassesonline. They are selling most of the well known 100% original brand for sunglasses, contact lenses & spectacles with guarantee lowest price. What's more is that they even provide FREE SHIPPING all the time and also FAST SHIPPING! Check out their store for your favourite brand now! 

26 September 2014

My Little Red Bag「Stella ★ Bella」

好久不見!我回來了~ 好多朋友都問我怎麼最近沒什麼上來 ^^ 不好意思我真的忽略了這裡。平時都在更新 Instagram,因為太方便了 哈哈 好啦!我會多上來 :) 
話說我也真的好久沒拍穿搭了,印象中也沒做過幾次 是吧?最近我 PO 了一張全身照,裏面背著一個紅色包包。好多人私信來問我到底哪裡買...既然反應那麼熱烈我就來回應一下 *grin*

Stella  Bella 其實是來自新加坡的本地品牌。引用源自意大利高雅风格为设计蓝本,所以一般來講設計都偏向高雅簡單,素色。這家公司拥有20年皮具生产经验,所以用的全是精心挑选的真牛皮和金属装饰。質感真的很好!

我特別喜歡 Stella  Bella 高雅与干练的结合,讓每個包包都擁有无可复制的绝代风华。再加上大器的经典款式,简约的设计美学,和温润的皮革触感...絕對比得上高級品牌的皮革包!

我為了它還真跑去拍了一些穿搭照 哈哈!分別有兩種風格的搭配來襯托 :) 第一套是全黑的裙裝打扮。個人認為可以完全展露包包的鮮紅色。這包除了紅色,還有黃色和黑色哦。Link HERE 其實我超想拿黃色的,但因為我膚色比較黑,黃色好像不大適合我 哈哈 我可不想又黑又黃 LOL 

那,第二套穿搭是牛仔褲裝搭配白色上衣。看起來沒那麼嚴肅而且我用了長肩帶...被起來比較輕鬆!很適合逛街用。另一個加分點就在包包的兩側其實可以翻開來,包包可帶更多東西哦!我覺得翻開來整個包包變得更休閒了 :) 內閣設計很簡單,沒有大大小小的口袋...這樣找起東西來也比較方便。

以上就是我精心搭配的穿搭,上衣全來自我自家品牌 你們會比較喜歡那種呢?其實一個簡單又高雅的包包怎麼配都行!只要帶出你想要的個性就OK ;) 請你們不要忘了我! 我還是會再回來的喲!呵呵~ 


Stella  Bella

打完手工! 掰掰~

4 September 2014

20 Facts about me

老實講我不太愛跟風但總是被點名!為了不讓年輕人講我古板所以就來湊熱一下 >< 

1. 26 this year. Fuck T.T

2. I can talk nonsense non stop if you close with me. My friend used to laugh very hard on my "jokes", in fact I feel they looks stupid when laugh on my silly words. hahahahaha

3. I consider myself as a 38 poh, like really 38 that kind!

4. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. I think most of you thought that i'm the only child.

5. I am a aunt for 9 nephews ; nieces this year. I was only 12 years old when I became aunty for the first nephew. ^^

6. I have 2 lovely family and I love every single of them very much!

7. I used to envy all the 90s young girl these days that able to dress up themselves very well in this age! I'm still wearing la-la cloth when I were in their age.

8. I don't have a favourite colour, I love every colour!

9. I don't have a specific dressing style, I like to wear whatever I like according to my mood.

10. I have a really fuzzy and dry hair which you don't really see it in my pictures. I style it everyday.

11. I can't live without my make-up concealer.

12. I hate the fact when I realise I forget to bring something important out and I need to turn back.

13. I need the biggest closet in the world!! My cloths always overloaded where sometimes I need to push my cloth in order to get the door closed @.@

14. I must drink a cup of milo + protein milk every single day. *Thanks mom*

15. I hate rude people!

16. I love to drink fruit juice *especially orange, apple, lime* more than coffee or chocolate drinks.

17. I don't really crave for noodles or spaghetti. I prefer rice and bread. Okay 飯桶!我知道

18. I wonder when will I getting married? LOL

19. I prefer to have impromptu plan for travel and stuff like that. Cause sometimes over planning gets really stress.

20. I'm a Scorpion and I found nothing mystery about myself  +.+

Okay! I'm done! Thanks for putting me in your list. I should like do double triple check before I publish this out @.@ 
Hope that this 20 facts of me lets you know more about the Anerly you've been following hehehe