28 December 2015

Shop with SHOPEE

Its been such a hectic week for me on the last whole week. Got tons of meeting with people, xmas exchange gift party and went down all the way to KL for a magazine shoot :)
Thanks got that I manage to be home on xmas eve and spend some quality time with my parents. Yea I know they miss me alot heh. Besides, I also finally got time to sit down and start blogging at this hour.
As you can see from the title, tonight is all about SHOPPING~~~! I guess the new trend now is shopping On-Apps instead of website shopping right? To me, apps is much easier and fast. Everything is just so fast with just few touch away!
I had my very first selling & buying experience with Shopee last few weeks. I never thought that shopping can be so easy nowadays.
If you follow me on Instagram, you probably knew that I joined Fashion Fiesta 4.0 bazaar at Gurney Paragon last few weeks. For your info, Shopee is one of the main sponsor for this event and this is why I get to use Shopee apps for the very first time as a seller :)

So this is my super oily and sticky hair during Fashion Fiesta 4.0 
(Spot the Shopee board stand behind me)

The reason why im writting this is that I want to share with you my experience selling on Shopee. One thing that i'm impressed with is really just few touch away to get your product uploaded! I uploaded all Dovey Diary products for the event in less than 1 hour. Yes I did it on the spot during the event hehe~ 

So this is the actual Apps logo :) Find it on your apps store and download now cause you gonna love it.

Basically Shopee is an Apps that allow users to Sell or Buy things online without paying for website. Its fast a quick. Just like the other Apps, first you will need to register no matter you want to be the seller or buyer. 

Here is my account. As you can see, everything is so clear with all the buttons. You can even track your total sales at My Sales column. And for the Seller Assistant allow you to check your overall products quantity, your customer's details, and order details etc.

These are some of the product I uploaded. You can even chat with your customer for dealing with products :)

Honestly, I enjoy being a selling on Shopee cause it makes shopping easier. And another thing is the speed of uploading product is superb! Very fast like just in few second your product will live online. I like this apps. And as for a buyers, you just have to key in once of your mailing details on your profile and it will automatically there for your next purchase with other sellers. 

I guess most of you might thinking wanna start up a business now right? Join me! Do it at Shopee mobile apps and start making moneyyyyyyy~~~ 

Sorry to bring in another oily and sticky person here! hahaha 
Hi Wind :) 

Watch videos of Shopee on YouTube 

For first time user on Shopee, Discount code : MONTLICIOUS to get RM20 off of your purchase with minimum spend RM50 in the apps. For one time use only :) Not available for vouchers, tickets, mobil top-ups and bills payment category.

Limited to the first 200 users only. Expiry 10th Jan 2016, 11.59pm

2 December 2015

Birthday Bash 2015

十二月了!!!我的確很懶惰 :/ 這篇文應該是在上兩個月就寫的我居然拖了這麼久....照片太多改到眼睛都花了~雖然只是調色但還是需要點時間 LOL 人老了手腳比較慢這聽說是正常的咩~ 哈哈哈
好啦 話說回來今年的生日過的平淡但是很幸福!有著最愛的人一起過生日 我覺得沒有比這個更幸福的事了。

今年我想來點跟以往不一樣的,所以就安排了一桌八人的燭光晚餐。我要求全素的餐點,很開心他們也一口答應了~ 當天對他們的素食料理感到很有誠意而且每一道都很好吃!謝謝這麼用心的為我準備 :) 還記得負責人有偷偷問了我一下為什麼要用全素的,我回她說在我生日當天我不想有動物為我犧牲 而且我相信現在的廚師對素食也不會陌生,我想一定可以做的很好。結果真的沒讓我們失望 呵呵


再來就是因為我很喜歡氣球 ^^ 所以也請 Betty's Balloonland 幫我佈置氣球的部分。當天還是我跟Betty第一次碰面 呵呵~氣球設計的很精緻,我完全不捨得把它們扯開 :/ 當然少不了花的點綴咯~我最愛的花苑還是 Petals & Leafz, 當天的佈置都很漂亮!完全是我的菜~其實我也沒什麼要求就只是顏色方面我想要點香檳粉紅色,沒想到成果比過想像中還完美!真的非常感謝那麼用心為我設計這一切 <3

一共十道 :) 老實講真的每一道都很好吃!每位來賓都把每一道菜吃光光~

謝謝你送的白酒和氣球 Betty <3 

Toast for the awesome food and  all the excellent decorations!

就是愛氣球 LOL

很感恩有著我這麼愛的八位 <3 偶爾來點不同的,簡簡單單的特別幸福。希望你們每天開開心心然後每年這樣陪我過生日!嘿!

當晚的佈置全來自 Petals & Leafz 和 Bettys Balloonland. 有時間可以到她們的 Instagram / FB 看看她們非常特別的作品。每一次都不會讓人失望。這麼用心的安排我超感動的~還有謝謝兩位的生日禮物 ^^ 另外還有的就是那麼完美的晚餐!謝謝 Farquhar Mansion 為我特別準備的蔬食料理 :)

Information for decoration
Petals & Leafz : 012 497 0091 (Instagram @Petalsandleafz)
Bettys Balloonland : 012 494 0199 (Instagram @Bettysballoonland)
Farquhar Mansion : 019 5288 933 (Instagram @Farquharmansion) 

6 November 2015

Another fav silk mask found

Its MASKing time again! Seriously, i love apply mask very much. I have loads of different types & brands of mask in my drawer. And i also love to try out new mask, especially silk mask. I think i prefer silk mask than normal mask sheet. Silk mask fits my face nicely and i think it allows skin to absorb nutrients better too :)
Previously i had recommend another silk mask in glass bottle which is the AnariaFuture silk mask. I finished the whole box already :( But then next 2 days I receive another brand of silk mask from Juven's hehe! She send me 2! Haha which mean i can have them with me for another month *wink*

So i was saying about my new silk mask, it called Juven's Silk Mask formulated in France. I already applied twice since i first got them :) Purely my very personal comment here. I recently have very bad and dehydrate skin after doing skin laser for the past few months, my skin gets dehydrate very easily, once not enough nutrient it will easily have some breakout. My skin having quite alot of breakout these days. Stupid haze makes my skin problem even worst >< Because of all this causes, i need to apply mask very often. 

Juven's Silk Mask is an unique and exclusively formulated from France. It is unique formula which crafted with carefully select and high efficiencies active ingredients. Each of the active ingredient possesses superior functions, such as hydrating, antioxidant, recovery and etc.
Each of the mask sheet made with 100% pure silk, it is not only fits perfectly and also not falling so easily. It allows ingredients to absorbs into deep skin layer over time. 

After applying Juven's, my breakout recover faster and feeling my skin more hydrated than before. Make up fits better too! We all know that if skin is not in good condition, make up will not fit well and skin will looks very oily. One of Juven's ingredients that i like the most is the  Allantoin  it helps to repairs and promotes healing, gives skin a smoother finish, and perfect for dry skin. This helps problem skin recover even faster. 

Other than Allantoin, the is another 5 active ingredients that you should know. 

  • Ceramides 神经酰胺 - Reinforces the stratum corneum barrier function, and prevents water evaporation.
  • Rosehip Essence 玫瑰果精华 - Great antioxidant, retards oxidants damage, age protection, and improves skin's elasticity.
  • Allantoin 尿囊素- Repairs and promotes healing, gives skin a smoother finish, and perfect for dry skin.  
  • Hyaluronic Acid 玻尿酸 - Necessary for the skin's water retention capacity and locks the moisture in within.
  • Trehalose 海藻多糖 - Maintains hydro-lipid equilibrium, moisturises, and rehydrates dehydrated skin's cell.
  • Witch Hazel 北美金縷梅 - Astringent to tighten skin's pores, anti-inflammatories, and soothing 

Top 10 Benefits of Juven's Silk Mask
  1. Plump
  2. Lift
  3. Firm
  4. Whiten
  5. Moisture
  6. Restore
  7. Hydrate
  8. Balanc
  9. Anti-aging
  10. Protect

 Hello my pretty Fiona hehehe

So here are some close up view of the silk mask sheet and also the steps on how to apply it.
 Its a piece of silk mask with full of essence yet no extra fluids dripping. Its thin and soft touch. 

It actually fit well one, but the size its too big for my face lah :/ Anyhow it also fits way better than normal mask sheet. 

20min ^^ 

Basically you will see the improvement on your skin even after first use. You will feel that your skin gets more hydrated and skin's complexion turn brighter and smoother :) Juven's suitable for all skin types, especially for dehydrated skin like mine, uneven skin tone & aging skin. Best to use 2-3 times in a week and for best result, apply after cleans your face and also after toning. 

Please be inform that this is a single-use treatment product, discard mask after use. If the fluid get into eyes, wash eyes immediately with clean water. Not applicable on injured skin, test apply on small skin area is recommended for sensitive skin. Discontinue use if there is any discomfort or allergic reaction observed.

New love found! Yayy!! 

If you want to try out Juven's Silk Mask, you can get it from their official FB page which I tag below :)